Tile Floor Maintenance in Chester County

Tile floors need routine cleaning ( other than dry/wet mopping ) to maintain their appearance and avoid costly restoration cleaning. Most buildings have resilient flooring ; vinyl and vinyl composition tile or linoleum floors as the main hard floor surface. Older buildings may have asphalt tile floors. Special care should be given asphalt when restoring the floors. Harsh stripping solutions can attack the asphalt oils, causing a bleached out affect. This creates an additional restoration cost. Rubber floors must also be treated with proper maintenance. In addition, many buildings have non-resilient flooring, such as granite, marble, terrazzo (combination ) of marble or stone chips set in a Portland cement matrix), ceramic or quarry tile, limestone, and slate.

These floors should be maintained on a monthly or quarterly basis. A proper maintenance program will extend the time between restoration cleaning and keep floors at a high level appearance.

Reasons for Floor Care
Reasons for floor care maintenance include:

If your Chester County employees and customers see your concern for the appearance of your floors; it has a direct positive effect upon their attitude about your company.