What to look for in a Commercial Cleaning Service

Bob Green cleaning a chair Have you had a problem with finding a cleaning company that actually does what you want them to do?

You may want to get all the answers on their performance before you hire them to maintain your facility.

Questions that will help you make your decision:
1. How long have they been in business?

2. Experience
  a. What services do they offer?
  b. What training do they have? / Have they taken any specialized courses?

3. What cleaning products do they use?
  a. Do they know their products?
  b. What about environmentally friendly products?

4. What equipment will they use?
  a. Is it new or kept in good condition?
  b. What equipment will be stored at you facility?

5. Who are their clients?
  a. How long have they retained those clients?
  b. Do they have at least 15 references?
  c.You need to be able to pick one or twenty to call - some companies give only the standard three references that they always keep clean for reference purposes

6. How do they handle training of their employees?

7. What insurance coverage do they have?
  a. You must require copies of liability and workers compensation coverage

8. What about safety issues for your facility?
  a. How do they handle OSHA requirements?
  b.There is a lot more required by OSHA then just MSDS paperwork

9. How do they control their quality?
  a. Do they have supervision?
  b. Do they do inspection reports?
  c. Is there a communication log?

10. What are their charges for daily work?
  a. What about specialty work (i.e.: Carpet and tile floor maintenance, window cleaning, etc.)?

11. Does the contractor understand your expectations?

Not all cleaning companies are the same. You may not have the time to be revisiting this problem every 6 to 12 months. Green Solution Building Services can resolve this problem for the long term.