Carpet Maintenance

Carpets should be set up on a periodic maintenance plan in order to keep carpets at a high appearance level and extend the life of the carpets by many years. This also avoids the annual restoration cleaning and cost. Most buildings should be set up on a quarterly or monthly program. Keep in mind that only 30-35% of your carpet is normally walked on. If not maintained, the dirt gradually spreads over all the carpet. In addition, Walk off mats and carpet protector plastic mats should be under every desk chair.

There are three primary components to carpet soils. The first is airborne dust type materials. These soils are normally removed by proper vacuuming of the carpet. They do discolor the carpet; however they are easily removed. They also do not damage the carpet. The second soil component is gritty materials. They can be a serious problem. Sand , grit, and other abrasive materials can wear down and cut the carpet fibers. This problem can also be removed with proper vacuuming. Approximately 80% of carpet soil is dry particulate matter. The third soil material is comprised of grease and oil. This component creates the majority of carpet maintenance problems. Sources of this problem are exhaust fumes from motor vehicles, food grease, tracking of oil from driveways and parking lots, etc.

These materials tend to bind to the dust and grit that accumulate in the carpet ; if not properly vacuumed.

Soils typically begin at the entrance doors and off tile floor areas. Traffic patterns gradually spread thru the building if not maintained. High traffic areas are the first areas to ugly out. Soiling of carpet is independent of fiber type. Soil will be transferred to the carpet fiber from shoes; regardless of the fiber type. However; some fibers may hide the soil better than others. Fiber properties, soil color, and carpet color may help hide the soil. The potential damage to the carpet will still shorten the life (your investment) of the carpet. Again, to extend the life of the carpet in your facility; a proper maintenance program should be in place.

Daily or weekly cleaning involves areas that must be cleaned frequently (ie: restrooms, dusting, vacuuming, etc.)

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