Upholstery Maintenance in New Castle County

Office chairs and partitions are normally forgotten about for years.

Upholstery should be vacuumed at least monthly, spot cleaned as needed, and professionally cleaned annually.

Upholstery is most affected by the following types of soil:

All fabric should be pre-tested for color fastness and shrinkage. An inspection should also be completed prior to cleaning to identify any preexisting problems with the fabric.

Some problems are:

Most office chairs can be wet cleaned. However; some upscale furniture may have to be dry cleaned (solvent cleaned ) . In addition some furniture may be leather. This will require special care. Finished leather (protected ) and unfinished leather ( nubuck, pure, naked, aniline ) require different cleaning procedures. Unfinished leather may be dyed; but, does not have a protective finish. The primary concern is a balance of the ph and cleaning agent so that the finish and natural oils are not damaged.

Fabric protector application to cloth fabric should normally be applied upon completion of cleaning. This will place a barrier between the fabric and dirt, making it easier to clean. Remember that fabric protection will wear off in the wear areas of the furniture (cushions, arms, etc. )

Proper maintenance will extend the life and appearance of the furniture.

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